9+ Rent Receipt Templates

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Formulate and print rent receipts for your tenants yourself via rent receipt templates available below the content. These rent receipt templates can be used for all types of rental payments made in cash by tenants and customers. Use of a fit rent receipt template keeps you away from lots of paper work when it comes to generate rent receipts at the time of rental payment. A document prepared by the landlord, property owner or real estate agent to document rental payment transaction in writing is recognized as rent receipt. The tenant can use rent receipt for record keeping purpose in order to stay away from payment related misunderstanding.

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As a landlord or property owner if you are renting out the property to earn more then you should prepare rent receipts for your tenants to document rent payment in writing especially if you are receiving rent payments in cash. Contents of rent receipt may include date, receipt number, name of the tenant who is paying the rent, rent for the month, payment method, late payment fine if any and signature of the landlord or receiver etc. Tenant can show the rent receipt as written evidence of payment made if the landlord claims nonpayment of rent.

Having rent payment transactions formalized in writing benefits both tenant and landlord. For many people rent payment can be the one of largest expenses of the month that is why professionals recommend all landlords and real estate agents to create and sign rent receipts while receiving rent payment from tenant. Most of landlords and property owners make rent receipts manually using receipt books. Due to advancement of technology anyone can make and print rent receipts via personal computers because rent receipt templates are widely available on internet. A rent receipt template can be used for several times to make rent receipts.

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Sample Rent Receipt Template

rent receipt 1


Rent Receipt Template Example

rent receipt 2


House Rent Receipt Template

rent receipt 3


Printable Rent Receipt Template

rent receipt 4


Rent Receipt Free

rent receipt 5


Colorful Rent Receipt Template

rent receipt 6


Excel Rent Receipt Template

rent receipt 7


Rent Receipt Sample

rent receipt 8


Rent Receipt Template for House Rent

rent receipt 9


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