9+ General Ledger Templates

General ledger templates are ready to use documents that can be used to prepare general ledger easily for a company or business in order to keep track of accounting related transactions and circumstances. General ledger is comprehensive accounting record of a business establishment or company and used to create other financial statements at the end of accounting period. Basically general ledger is the master set of accounts that helps the accountant of company to summarize all transactions occurring within the business organization during a particular period of time. A company or accountant general of the company can also prepare secondary general ledgers to summarize transactions under different account titles.

More about general ledger template

Accounting record available in general ledger is used to prepare other accounting statements such as balance sheet and income statement etc. General ledger is usually prepared by accountant general of the company or business when they are recording their accounting entries and transactions using double entry bookkeeping system. A general ledger if prepared well, provides information on the current balance in each title account throughout the accounting period mentioned at the top of general ledger. There are so many ways to prepared general ledgers and one of them is general ledger template.

General ledger is also known as a comprehensive collection of all accounts of a business or firm along with all relevant entries and transactions. General ledger books and registers are available in market that any business or company can use when making general ledger manually. It can also be made on personal computer via general ledger templates. A user will only need to download the general ledger template in computer. After that accounting information and details can easily be added in the template to prepare spotless general ledger quickly. General ledger templates are prepared in MS excel computer program.

General Ledger Templates Are Here

General Ledger Sample

general ledger template 1542


General Ledger Excel Template

general ledger template 43


General Ledger Sheet For Excel

general ledger template 6461.


Bank General Ledger

general ledger template 654541


Account Ledger Sample

general ledger template 98746


MS Excel General Ledger Template

general ledger template 65451


General Ledger Editable Free

general ledger template 5412


General Ledger Spreadsheet

general ledger template 7484


Detailed General Ledger

general ledger template 854532



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