10+ Telephone message templates

If you really want to make your business communication effective and productive, you must use telephone message templates to keep track of all telephone messages received in a day so you or your company can easily reach the caller for further communication. Telephone message template is a handy tool used by business organizations and companies to note down telephone messages in writing for record keeping. It lets a user to note fundamental details and information about a telephone call such as name of the caller, date & time, reason of call, message delivered and duration of call etc.

Benefits of using telephone message templates

Almost all professional telephone operators and receptionists use telephone message sheets to keep track of telephone messages in best way. According to experts, when you do take a call in office or workplace be sure to repeat essential details just like the caller’s name, number and message before you hang up to confirm that you have the all necessary information for further communication and use of a telephone message sheet can help you in the whole process of jotting down telephone message. Many people note telephone messages manually on rough papers, that is not professional way of telephone message record keeping.

Whether you want to keep record of telephone message for personal or professional purpose, we strongly recommend use of a fit telephone message template because it makes the work much easier for you. Below we have a wide range of telephone message templates that our users can download free of cost for personal or business use. These telephone message templates can be used to keep record of telephone messages as soft copy in computer and can also be printed to note telephone messages manually. One can adjust all elements of the telephone message templates easily using great features of Microsoft word program.

Printable Phone Message Template

Telephone message image

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Telephone Message Form Template

Telephone message image 1

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Outlook Telephone Message Template Word

Telephone message image 2

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Phone Message Template Excel

Telephone message image 3

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Phone Message Template Word

Telephone message image 4

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Printable Telephone Message Template

Telephone message image 5

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Phone Message Form Template

Telephone message image 6

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Blank Telephone  message sample

Telephone message image 7

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Telephone Message Slip Sample

Telephone message image 8

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Sample Phone Message Form

Telephone message image 9

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