9+ Invoice Templates

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As we know all that invoice is one of the vital business documents, it must be created in a professional way using a proper format such as invoice template. Invoices are documents generated by a business, company or any other professional person when selling goods or services to customers on demand. Invoice lets a seller or vendor to document basic and essential elements of the sales transaction in professional manner. Invoice templates are available on web in different formats and layouts that can be used by businesses and companies to make invoicing system better and productive. An invoice can be a hand written document or printed piece of paper.

Components of invoice templates

Invoice is actually a bill that indicates the amount that is to be paid by the buyer to the seller regarding a particular sales transaction. An invoice may include name & address of buyer and seller, quality & description of goods or services, price of goods, total amount payable by buyer, date of transaction and serial number of invoice along with terms and mode of payment etc. Invoice serve various benefits to its generator (seller) and holder (buyer). It provides a best way to record all sales transaction made in a particular period of time as well as payments to be recovered.

Invoices are different in types and can be used for variety of purposes. Contents of an invoice can be different based on the transaction you are going to document via invoice. Utilization of invoice templates is recommended by experts to draft invoices with professional appearance along with all essential aspects and details. Below are some blank and simple invoice templates available that anyone can download and use to make invoicing better and computerized. With help of an appropriate invoice template, a user will be able to generate invoices shortly.

Sample Invoice Template

invoice image 1

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Business Invoice Format

invoice image 2

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Invoice Format in word

invoice image 3

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MS word Invoice Format Free

invoice image 4

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Basic Invoice Template free

invoice image 5

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Word Billing Invoice Template

invoice image 6

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Blank invoice design

Microsoft Word - business invoice template

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Printable Invoice format

invoice image 8

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Colored invoice format in Word

invoice image 9

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