10+ Phone log Templates

Keeping a proper track of all phone calls and conversations helps the business organization a lot to maintain strong business relationships with customers and other business entities, so make use of the phone log template shown below and start documentation of phone calls made or received by the company in best way. In this advanced era of life, telephone is a most commonly used and convenient way of communication that almost all individual persons, families, business organizations and companies are using for personal and professional communication. A complete record of phone calls allows an individual person or company to stay in touch with customers and other persons for various reasons.

Importance of phone log template:

Phone log is a useful tool that can be used for tracking of all phone calls in easy and productive manner. An updated phone log provides a user all details about calls made to customers for generating sales as well as to suppliers for purchase of materials and services. Having a phone log at place makes the personal and professional communication fluent so always use a phone log to note down details about phone calls such as time, date, name of the caller, message delivered by the caller, duration of call and name of the right call recipient etc.

Call log can be used for variety of reasons. For example, a business or company can use it to keep call record on hand or to manage phone call costs for a particular period of time. phone log can be made on a simple paper manually but if you want to give your phone log a professional and computerized look, then we suggest you to make it via phone log template. Wide range of different phone log templates is available below here and you can use any of them either for personal or professional use.

Easy to use Microsoft excel phone log sample

phone log image 1

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Printable phone message log sheet design

phone log

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Blank colorful phone log template free of cost

phone log image 3

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Customer phone log template easy to edit in Excel

phone log image 4

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Use this phone log to keep track of job applicants’ phone

phone log image 5

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Company phone log sample in excel

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Free printable phone log example

phone log image 7

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Academic phone log for schools/colleges/universities

phone log image 8

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Phone log template to record phone calls on daily basis

phone log image 9

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Customer/client/prospective phone log sample

phone log image 10

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